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Venus Cloud Solution

With the wide application of LED displays in many industries such as advertising, stage, transportation, sports, etc., the business scope of display operators has expanded dramatically, from the original urban operation to the national and even multinational operations. Due to the large number of displays and wide distribution, the traditional operation mode has problems such as difficulty in operation and maintenance, low efficiency, high cost, and low security. Users urgently need to remotely monitor and manage remotely displayed displays with different geographic locations. In response to this problem, CHROMALED Co., Ltd. launched the Venus Cloud System for LED display cluster monitoring and management solution.

Product advantages:

1. Support PC, Mac, Linux, Android phones, iPad and other devices to release programs on a variety of platforms.

2. Support different hardware architecture playback terminals: LED display, LCD screen, other advertising screens, etc.

3. Remote control, visual editing, support for online editing and release updates, and support for offline broadcast programs.

4. It is a Web micro-service, a powerful cloud online material library, and can call materials at any time.

5. User rights management, media content authorization encryption, transmission channel encryption, ensuring safe display of the display.

6. 7*24 hours cloud online monitoring system, risk monitoring, automatic sending logs, and active services.

7. Based on the new architecture of the SAAS system, supporting millions of concurrent.

8. Customized development, customized deployment plan according to customer needs.

System structure:

Components: cloud services, playback terminals, controller boxes, displays.


Program advantages:

1. Multi-screen sync display without delay playback, bringing a powerful visual experience.

2. Support wired and wireless WIFI, 4G, GPS multiple transmission solutions.

3. Power cluster management, remote timing switch, energy saving and environmental protection.

4. Adjust brightness according to environmental intelligence to reduce light pollution.

5. Cloud-wide full-service, no need to set up a server, saving costs.

6. Streamline terminal equipment, play, control box and display integration.

7. Multi-zone display centralized management, real-time insertion and release of emergency notifications to meet a variety of playback needs.