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Small pitch solution

The small pitch solution provides high saturation, high color reproduction, high grayscale and high refresh rate, wide color gamut space, and illumination-by-light chromaticity correction technology to improve display brightness and chromaticity consistency. Studios, monitoring centers, conference rooms, etc. bring excellent image quality to the industry, and stunning colors meet customer needs.

Brightness and chrominance pixel level correction techniques

Color correction core technology improves LED display brightness uniformity and color fidelity. The data can be fed back to the LED control system by collecting the raw luminance data for each pixel and calculating the correction factor corresponding to the pixel. The system drives each pixel point to obtain the final correction value according to the calculation result. High-precision color correction gives the LED screen a new look, extending lifecycle and value.


Wide gamut space

The controller adjusts the gain and parameters of the LED color gamut to obtain higher display contrast and better color reproduction. The wide color gamut technology maximizes the visual integrated experience, making the customer's advertising display unparalleled and accurately matching the high-end. The brand's display needs and tastes.


High color processing depth

Controller system display controller system has the world's largest control ability and the highest color processing depth, with up to 10bit, 12bit video input, CHROMALED controller system has the best color reproduction and ultra high resolution, can maximize the impact of advertising and Brand reputation.


High and low gray scale

CHROMALED controller system has superior high and low gray processing capability, can support video input 8bit 256 grayscale, 10bit 1024 grayscale, 12bit 4096 grayscale can making the display display the optimal grayscale under any brightness, ensuring the display has excellent display effect.


System structure

CHROMALED Master Pro HD up to 3840X2160@30Hz belt greatly improves the load capacity of the controller box.